The Third Child

The first child has no example to follow, and thus feels more limited.  He does not have any idea where his boundaries start and end, and he aims small (out of fear?  Or just not knowing?) and thus learns slower and pushes limits slower. 

The second child see the first and feels less limited so pushes just beyond his boundaries. 

The third takes this concept further yet which is why they’re speaking, potty training, and doing everything really so much earlier.

How does this apply to crafting?

The 3 children have 3 different perspectives, based on the environment around them when they’re born.

I’ve seen hundreds of my knit and crochet customers take on one of my mystery projects and walk completely outside of their comfort zone, eventually completing a project they never would have been confident enough to try otherwise.  I watch them not only meet these new challenges head on, but totally surpass expectations, and often expand upon my base design to create something even more spectacular.  How does this happen??

They have a guide.  They have someone to lead them through, to set the finish goal (so self limiting beliefs don’t keep them in a smaller box), and to provide a model.

Just like older siblings do for younger ones.

Comment and tell me…

How can we recognize where we’re limiting ourselves in our areas of interest in life, and locate a guide who can help us expand past these limitations with confidence and grace?

Where do you feel limited by your beliefs?