Sun Struck MCAL Wrap Up!

Sun Struck Boho Vest Crochet Pattern

The Sun Struck Mystery Create-A-Long has wrapped up, and the results are absolutely stunning!  Once again our wonderful community did a splendid job joining forces and working together to create something beautiful.  We had a smaller group than usual this time around, but we still had over 450 participants, and it was SUCH a joy to work alongside the group as usual.  This event was run through The Ultimate Crafty Membership.  Though change is hard, I’m super glad that we made the switch to hosting my events through this new platform.  It really cut back on the amount of technical difficulty we came across, allowed us to add in some fun new elements (segment riddles and an awesome FAQ doc!) and helped us to create an even more awesome event than usual.


“Melody never ceases to amaze me. What a fun MCAL! Loved the riddles and every aspect of this one. I feel like each MCAL gets better and better! I absolutely loved this pattern!” ~ Domesticjenne on Ravelry

The final project was an elegant, lacy, boho vest featuring beautiful detail work on the upper back and around the bottom edges.  This was a design that stretched and challenged me as a designer, and I’m really proud of the final outcome.

Sun Struck was inspired by that fresh, exciting feeling that blows in on the Spring wind.  It’s a time of promise and possibility.  This year I was able to experience it through fresh eyes once again as I watched Netherlee venture out of the house and into the spring weather.  I designed this piece while sitting with her in the backyard and watching her explore.  There’s something magical about that….and I’ve done all that I can to capture the essence of that magic and include it in this project.

Sun Struck Boho Vest Crochet Pattern

In true Mystery Create-A-Long fashion, there were moments during this project that really challenged and stretched the participants.  In fact I’m pretty sure a few of the knitters were ready to crawl through the computer and have it out with me, haha.  Those who stuck with it were so happy they did, though, and I heard endless talk about how much everyone learned during this project.  The videos that accompany the pattern are very detailed and they offer a really great chance to learn some new skills while creating a truly beautiful final project.

Sun Struck Crochet Child Version by achinateacup on Ravelry

I love, love, love browsing through all of the final projects after these events!  It’s a truly incredible experience for me to watch a design I’ve dreamed up come to life not only in my own hands, but through the hands of each of our group members.  I’m so honored that I get to lead you in these adventures, and I’m so appreciative to have each of you along on the journey.

Make sure you check our the Ravelry project pages for the pattern so you can see how amazing it turns out in all the different sizes (this pattern includes all sizes Toddler through 3XL)!

You’ll find the crochet Ravelry Sun Struck pages by clicking here.

You’ll find the knit Ravelry Sun Struck pages by clicking here.

For those of you who didn’t join in on the MCAL, but have fallen in love with the pattern, be sure to check out the Sun Struck Sale I just posted!  You can get a great deal on it for the next few days only.

Sun Struck Knit Adult Pattern made by aford58 on Ravelry

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in on the fun.  These events would be nothing without you….and I’m extremely appreciative of the love you show my designs, the friendship you’ve offered me, and the support you’ve given my family.  You all are the BEST!

Keep an eye out for our next event coming soon….the Amy Cardi CAL/KAL!  Yay!










Sun Struck Boho Vest Crochet Pattern

Sun Struck Boho Vest Knit Pattern

Sun Struck Crochet Pattern by Eoxner on Ravelry

Sun Struck Knit Pattern by Mar2713 on Ravelry