Limitless Dreams

What a curiously delightful, strangely surreal, absurdly abundant landscape of ethereal dreams we’re living in.  Each dreamer lost in his own dimension and each dream as limitless toward terror or beauty as the dreamer dare venture.


Limitless Universe

“As limitless toward terror or beauty as the dreamer dare venture”

This feels like an important and illuminating piece to me. 

We create pathways in our brain every time we notice something.  We reinforce those pathways every time we notice the same thing again. 

Our brains are wired for performance. 

When pathways have been traveled repetitively enough, our brain starts to filter our reality to “see” the same thing or circumstance that we’re wired to notice.  This means much of what we see isn’t in fact the truth of reality, but filtered “bits” of reality that we need in order for our brain signals to travel the same old neural pathways.

This means if you think you’re going to see something beautiful, in all likelihood, you will.  Your brain will actually learn to filter through that perspective.  And if you walk around in terror, your brain will find reasons to feel scared all the time.


Comment and tell me…

Do you have repetitive thoughts?  How might you dare to venture somewhere new?  What might new thoughts sound like?