Count your blessings… Again, and Again, and Again

Sometimes I get a little lost in all the feelings of life.  Old pains, exhaustion, worry about the state of the world, and longing every so often sweep me away.  

Like a tiny kayak swept out into a stormy sea, I feel tossed about and barely able to stay afloat in these moments.

Yet somehow I do.  Somehow the storm always passes and I’m able to witness the beautiful rising sun casting rays and pink and purple light over the glassy, reflective sea.

Just like the weather is unpredictable and uncontrollable – these emotional storms seem to roll through with a passion and fury that I don’t always see coming.  In the midst of them, all I can really do is hang on for the ride.  Like every storm always does, though, at some point they end and I remember all the beauty of life.

It’s in these moments that I like to count my blessings – again and again and again.

Because blessings are an anchor.  They are a reminder that amidst all the craziness of life, we are still surrounded by beauty, by joy, and by love.  They remind me that no matter how bad things seem, I have access to these feelings inside of myself at any time.

How could I possibly think of my beautiful children, of the way my daughter melts with a sweet, adoring smile every time I say “I love you” without feeling a sense of overwhelming love in my heart?  How could I think of the incredible flower gardens outside my home without feeling immense gratitude for this place that not only shelters me but blesses me with beauty each day?  How could I think about the adventures I take or plan to take without an amazing sense of freedom traveling to my core?

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Gratitude Practice

Gratitude helps us to anchor in the present moment.  To be attentive to all that IS and IS beautiful.

Part of moving forward in empowerment to me, is riding out the storm as best we can (boy I was in a turbulent electric one yesterday!) and then showing up for the sunrise on the other side.  

Today I am grateful for:

  • My three beautiful children and the chance to connect with and impact their lives daily.
  • The joy I feel when following my passions.
  • The beautiful gardens I call home.
  • The friends which surround me and uplift me with their constant love.
  • Art and creativity offering me an outlet of expression.
  • Music and the way it transports the people listening into another dimension.
  • Dance and the way it helps energy course through my body.
  • Meditation and the way it allows me to plug in and connect with something larger than myself.
  • Sleep and the way it helps me to reset, rejuvenate, and heal.
  • Plants and the way they speak in whispers.
  • Possibility and the way it entices me forward.

What are you grateful for?

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