Journey Back to Power – Day 10

Yesterday I posted a graphic on my Facebook page….

“I desire to dance, and romance, and find love… perchance.”

There was a comment suggesting, “First you have to find love in yourself.”

Hmmm… this is a topic of discussion I could really dive into.

First off- I think of myself as a person with a lot of self love.  I didn’t always feel that way, but it has been developing over time and tribulation.

At this point in my life, I feel rather securely rooted in myself.  I’m proud of the person I am.  I trust myself to make good decisions and I’m confident in my own resilience and ability to grow should I make mistakes.

I have a friend who talks about the need to love one’s self before she finds love in a man all the time.  Honestly, in many ways, I agree.  Because, we do, after all, attract from the same energy we’re putting out into the world.

My question is…. HOW do we really learn to love ourselves??

It seems to me that part of learning to love myself has been in interacting with other people (and men) and receiving an external reflection through them.

The people I relate to, and the interactions I share with them, give me a beautiful idea of my own internal state. These reflections really allow me opportunity to become more aware of myself and to find the cracks in areas I’m maybe not showing up for myself as well as I might.

Journey Back to Power – Day 10

I believe that part of loving myself is being in touch with my desires (like the desire to find a longer term romantic partner) and knowing that I am exactly where I need to be right now. There are no nebulous standards I have to achieve (when, after all, does one really love one’s self “enough”??) in order to be worthy of my desires manifesting.

I am exactly where I need to be to learn more about myself, and relating, and life at any given time.

AND I’m worthy of giving myself the opportunity to “dance, and romance, and find love… perchance” RIGHT NOW. I don’t need to wait, or change, or demand any more of myself in order for that to happen.

THIS inner knowing is part of what makes me powerful.

Comment and tell me…

Have you been holding yourself to some specific standard in your life thinking your desires can’t or won’t manifest before that standard is achieved? Is holding that belief true?? Is it compassionate?

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