Red Heart Designs

There are a few things on my crafty bucket list, that even at my younger age I’ve been super excited to check off.  One of those has been to work with Red Heart.

They’re an excellent company to work with and I’ve had a super time designing some patterns specially for them.  If you’re a Red Heart fan, or just a free patterns fan, then you’ll love these free knit and crochet patterns!

Click on the image of each pattern below to be taken over to Red Heart’s site where you can snag the pattern free.

Scalloped Baby Blanket

Dino Stripes Knit Hat

Kid’s Knit Drop Stitch Scarf

Love You Knit Baby Blanket


4 Comments On “Red Heart Designs”

  1. My crochet bucket list—-a Mandela, c. To c item, decorative bedspread or blanket. Cat proof, baby dresses pretty but not too fussy, easy ladies sweater.


  2. My Crochet Bucket list: learn to do c2c, finish my WIPs. Make a mandala, do a couple afghans, knit a sweater for me. I have a lot more things I would like to do. I would also like to crochet a doll and her wardrobe.


  3. I want to be able to understand how to crochet by diagrams. I just can’t understand them! Maybe one day I will!


  4. Avid crocheter of comfort shawls and baby blankets, scarfs and hats. I crochet mostly for charity services. I love the value of Red Heart yarns. I can make more projects economically. I often find a baby blanket pattern that also works well made as a shawl, and vice versa. I, too, want to learn the c2c pattern


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