Single Skein Scarflette {Free Pattern!}


Free Knit Feather and Fan Scarflette Pattern

The knitters have probably been feeling a little left out lately since most of the designers I work with for guest posts are exclusively crocheters.  So I was really excited when Annie, of Annie’s Arts and Follies, contacted me about sharing her Single Skein Scarflette Pattern!  This gorgeous feather and fan design adds a beautiful touch to absolutely any outfit.  Add a gorgeous brooch, and this free knit scarflette pattern is the picture of elegance!

Thank you to Annie of Annie’s Arts and Follies for contributing this adorable free feather and fan scarf knitting pattern as part of my Guest Contributor Program!

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“Every single knitter I know has a small hoard of single skeins just waiting for something awesome to happen. Recently I have launched a campaign to end the single skeins in my stash and make amazing things. I love the simple yet elegant look of the fan and feather pattern (you will get so many compliments and those not-in-the-know will think you are a magician). With a few adjustments, it makes an amazing scarflette. Quick and easy.


Free Knit Scarf Pattern

Cast on 62 stitches on a size 7 circular needle

Rows 1-10: Knit

Row 11: K4, (*K2tog* Repeat 2 more times, *yo (yarn over), K1* Repeat 5 more times, *K2tog* Repeat 2 more times), Repeat from ( to ) 2 more times for a total of 3 sets, K4 (62 total sts)

Rows 12&13: Knit

Row 14: K4, Purl across to last 4 sts, K4

*Slip the first stitch of each row as if you were knitting

Repeat Rows 11-14 to desired length – use that skein! – then knit 10 rows and bind off. Hand wash and lay flat to block and wear with a fun pin or brooch.


Knit Feather and Fan Pattern

This piece was knit with a leftover skein from a baby blanket project and contained 440 yards. It knit to be 48 inches long and 9 inches wide. The beauty of the pattern is that it is conducive to almost all yarn.”



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Annie’s Arts and Follies

Annie Ciszak Pazar is a silversmith in Anchorage Alaska, specializing in one of a kind handcrafted jewelry, and brings the ‘funk’ to ‘functional.’ With a professional education in jewelry design and metalsmithing, Annie is forever experimenting with new techniques and styles, mixing old with new, to bring you one of a kind funktastic style. When not in her private studio doing what she does best, she is manning her brick and mortar shop front boutique in the up-and-coming midtown section of Anchorage. When not wielding a torch, Annie hoards books like a squirrel, knits compulsively, obsesses over Tudor England and is planning the next great international travel adventure. Oh, and she is slowly taking over the world.

Connect with Annie now:

Visit her website by clicking here.

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28 Comments On “Single Skein Scarflette {Free Pattern!}”

  1. I have always loved the feather and fan pattern and am so looking forward to making this scarf.


  2. What a lovely one-skein piece. Out come my knitting needles. Thanks to Melody and especially to Annie.


  3. How fun! I have never done the Feather Fan but can’t wait to try. Great way to use up those skeins & have Christmas, birthday or whatever gifts on hand!! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!! <3


  4. Thank you. I am looking forward to continuing my knitting skills learned through your recent MKAL.


  5. I love feather and fan, makes for beautiful and warm and ekegant items.


  6. Thanks for the pattern. Always looking for something new.


  7. It is so beautiful and looks so soft. I am excited to make one.


  8. I am not finding how to save the pattern like it usually does. It might be me though lol?


  9. This will be my Christmas gift too all of my friends in their favorite color


  10. Looking forward to knitting this. Thank you!


  11. Something so simple and yet so pretty! thank you Melody!


  12. When it says slip first stitch in each row as if to knit, is that every row or just 11-14. Beginner here. Thanks.


  13. And that counts as 1 of the knit 4 in rows 11 and 14? Sorry, just trying to figure it out.


  14. No, I mean, do I slip then knit 4 or slip and 3 more.


  15. If I want to increase the width what is the number of stitches is the pattern plus ? ?


  16. Why circular needles & not regular straight needles for this pattern?


    • If you can fit it on regular straight needles then those work too. The pattern just calls for the circular needles because it’s a wide piece and might be hard to cram onto straights 🙂


  17. Thanks for your prompt reply!


  18. I am a new knitter and I don’t understand the last part of row 11. Repeat from ( to ) 2 more times for a total of 3 sets, it is the ( to ) I don’t understand. Thank you for your help.


  19. Thank you Melody for this beautiful pattern. I have some of the Caron Cakes that everyone is so crazy about right now and have been searching for the perfect pattern. This will do nicely. And it’s easy to read and in such a pretty font.


  20. Amanda, did you get an answer to this? It is confusing to me also.


  21. Slip and then 3 more.


  22. Row11, I have three too many stitches ( have 62 stitches)


    • I just checked the pattern, and it’s correct as written. You should be working with 18 sts between the ( ) a total of 3 times, for a total of 54 sts. The 4 outermost sts on either side make it a total count of 62.


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