Want the Ultimate Crafty Membership?

One of your friends thought you might like this group (not to mention all the FREE patterns!)...

 Introducing...The Ultimate Crafty Membership.

(knit & crochet)

Something missing from your crafty life?

  • Want to regularly try out new, well-written (and tested!) patterns from a variety of designers....without having to go on long searches for them?
  • Wish you had access to quick help when you run across a problem in your projects?
  • Want to show off your work and get uplifting and encouraging comments from other crafters?
  • Want to work alongside a group of loving and postive knitters and crocheters to create gorgeous mystery projects....all while improving your skills?

I used to want all of those things too.

That's why I've worked extremely hard in the knit and crochet industry over the past 6 years to create the BEST crafty community around! 

Now I'm taking that community, joining it with my super fun online knit and crochet events, and adding on a TON of perks....all so you and I can dive deeper into the community connections, fun, and stitching!

Join me? Here's all the perks:

  • Access to a secret Facebook group (Melody’s Fiber Friends) where you can start connecting and creating friendships with like-minded crafters in a personal and intimate environment.
  • Access to my entire library of 250+ patterns (which I'm constantly adding onto!), some knit and some crochet. 
  • Access to ALL Melody's Makings events including my popular Mystery Create-A-Longs 
  • Access to my step-by-step learn to knit and learn to crochet classes! Each week I post a new video teaching you a new skill, and host a Live chat within our group to give you a chance to ask questions! These classes are all saved and available through the Member's Area.
  • A great group admin team always willing to help. We’re here should you need us for anything knit/crochet related, so use us as your resource! We also work really hard to make sure everyone in the group keeps things positive and peaceful.
  • Regular games and fun! The larger the group grows, the more often I’ll offer awesome games with great prizes! You can expect to see a new game available at least once a week.
  • The chance to earn $25 Etsy Gift Cards for helping me test my newest patterns!
  • Early access to any new patterns one week in advance of other customers. Plus you'll get exclusive opportunities to get sneak peeks at upcoming patterns
  •  Exclusive FB Live dates with me! Ask me anything, tell me what you’re up to, or get the latest updates on my little ones. I’ll be Live in the group at least once a week (again – more as the group grows!) and ready to get to know you a little bit more!
  • Regular free patterns from excellent guest designers!
  • You know I’m a HUGE fan of value….so if you join the program, you can expect to receive some AMAZING gifts soon.

Because your friend told you about us...

Pay only $4.99

for your first 30 days of membership! Then just $9.99/month after that. (cancel anytime)

Membership and access end upon cancellation.

What People Are Saying...

"Your patterns are so easy to follow, and the video tutorials are amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work and your wonderful designs!!"

~ Audrey Odom

"Tried something out of my comfort zone and found Melody's instructions/videos very helpful and not intimidating. The cost was very reasonable."

~ Jean Iskin

"WOW is all that I can say! So much fun making this project come together and Melody was super helpful with any questions that I had. I've never tackled such a large project but am so glad that I did. Now I feel that I have stepped into a whole new level of crochet. Thank you Melody <3"

~ Debbie Bird

If you’re unhappy with the finished item made from one of my patterns, I will happily refund your money. Before refund, I will ask you to provide me with two photos. One photo of your finished project made from the pattern in question, and one photo of your gauge measurement on your finished project. Because matching gauge is such an integral part to creating a high quality finished piece, I confirm that you took the extra time to match your gauge before starting your project in order to process your refund.

The designs sold here and images used on this page are a copyright of ©MelodysMakings and may not be copied or reproduced in any way.

You are allowed to sell finished products made using this pattern. Do not re-distribute the pattern itself. Please leave a link to my site in your product listing: www.melodys-makings.com

The Ultimate Crafty Commnity!

$4.99 for a full 30 days!

(then just $9.99/month)

About Melody Rogers

I believe nothing says “I love you” more genuinely than a hand-made gift.

I believe our children are the embodiment of joy, and innocence.

I believe when you put the two together, magic truly does exist….even if just for a brief moment in time.

I believe in helping create as much magic as possible by sharing my patterns.

I believe in a creative, crafty, fulfilling life.

I believe in us.