Just Because…

A Little Crafty Surprise…

It’s becoming more and more apparent to me as I grow older (and maybe a pinch….maybe just a pinch???….wiser) that life truly is made of the little things.

It’s the way my one year old Theo toddles over and rests his ear against my heart every morning with a big old grin on his dirty little face.  It’s the way my 3 year old daughter is thrilled by tutus and loves to spin like a ballerina.  It’s the way my 7 year old son has a crazy haircut because he LOVES his long hair.

It’s the little surprises that take us the longest way.

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6 Comments On “Just Because…”

  1. Thank you for your great kindness. Love your patterns.


  2. Thank you <3
    Big hugs from Sweden!


  3. Many thanks for your just because free pattern melody thoughtful and so very kind much appreciated xo


  4. Thanks so much for being so generous with your patterns! Not the first one I’ve gotten from your kindness!


  5. Thank you ever so much..


  6. Thank you ever so much


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